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Phoenix Procurement is a family run business and having been in operation since 2015, has supported a number of clients in a combination of short term and longer term contract support.   We pride ourselves in tailoring our approach, whether it be the smaller SME enterprise or right up to the larger corporations offering a comprehensive set of services to meet their requirements. We equally, have a broad experience across the whole of the Source To Contract spectrum and management of eventual Contracts via Contract Lifecycle Management. 

We believe we are best placed to support companies reach their strategic objectives through a combination of our People, knowledge of Processes and enablement through Technology platforms such as SAP / Ariba, having worked with Clients on major transformation programmes (e.g. Financial Services)

We provide additional flexibility by being able to engage contractually via different methods (for example, day rates / fixed term / fixed cost projects) to provide Clients with the budgetary certainty in order to effectively plan their finances

If there are areas or services where we feel we are not best placed to ensure the desired outcome for our Clients, then we are more than happy to Introduce Clients to our network of partners and connections who can, with no cost to the Client.


I adopt an “owner” mentality to projects and deals – If I wouldn’t spend my money on it or do it that way, then I don’t think the client should.


I understand (now…) being a smaller company, you have to deal with what you have got (resources wise) and therefore; I like to approach projects and programmes in a straight forward, simple manner (Keep it simple stupid or KISS)

Stakeholder Engagement

I believe all key participants need to be given a chance to have their voice heard and through consensus / democracy, on balance the best overall solutions meet most if not all of everyone’s needs

No personal baggage

As well as over 16 years of experience in Procurement and Supply Chain industry, I offer a fresh pair of eyes, to help clients logically review options and make informed decisions, not based on history but on the vision of where they want to be or be the best version of themselves.  – the best quote from my client recently was “I don’t have to worry about holding it together around you (as in me), I can just off load and you listen…”

Only as good as your last job

I treat every client / project as if it were my last.  With even one annoyed customer, many more doors are closed off, so I always ensure the Clients goals and objectives are understood, agreed and met!

Communication is king

There is no such thing as bad news… I ensure I communicate or check in regularly with clients to not only update on progress but equally, provide feedback opportunities for my performance.

Our accreditations

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